Body Alignment In Yoga

This class is designed to accommodate the busy person who only has time on the weekend.  Learn proper alignment in yoga poses to optimize total body performance, at work, play or in class. Sometimes, just stretching can aggravate tissue that is too long, too tight, or in atrophy.  You may not even know that muscles have stopped working.  Most poses taught in the class are standing and balance poses and will include other supine (back down) for core strengthening.  This class will compliment the Yin Class that follows immediately afterward, for deep stretching and relaxation.  Both classes are like a weekly tune-up.

Sunday’s Karma Vitality Studio, 15100 Enterprise Drive, Chantilly – 2-310 pm. Co-ed Class

Can start course mid-way – contact amber@amberbskylar.com. Course repeats.

Make time for health.



Body Cond (Sun) Drop In $25 - One Time Class Pass No Refunds
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