Yin Yoga

​”Get in touch with your own nature.”

Yin Yoga with Amber is not quite like a regular Yin class.  The use of aromatherapy and the music are both designed specifically for the time of day, the season, as well as the CNS (brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves).  Some Gentle Yogic movement along with deeper stretching held for longer periods of time (1-5 min).  Master Trainer and Educator, Amber knows alignment and has excellent verbal cueing skills, as well as hands on assists. Her extensive study of the human body as an eco-system, has lead her to dive in deeply into all 11 systems that run the human body.  Coursework in Neuroscience, Neurokinetic Therapy, Thai Yoga,  Polarity Therapy, and many other modalities, her passion lies in keeping up with new technological advances relating to health and medicine.  Amber is a human body nerd and citizen scientist/researcher on many topics relating to health.

Yin Yoga a quiet, meditative and deeply relaxing class. Co-ed class

8 Week Sessions, or drop in classes – RSVP Below,   330-5 pm – Karma Vitality Studio, 15100 Enterprise Court, Chantilly, VA

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Yin Yoga (Sun) Drop in $25 - One Time Class Pass No Refunds
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