Muscle Activation Strength Course


A seriously fun class!

8 Week Series – Moderate Yoga – Strength Development Course – All Levels – This course has strong focus on alignment and therapeutics, more challenging movement to stimulate neuromuscular experience. Course Repeats  – You can start the course mid-way through.

Doing yoga is one thing. Being injured and doing yoga is something altogether different. Alignment will directly impact muscles that are not active/under active, and can change with excitatory neurological movements that “turn on” exhausted muscles.They get exhausted, just from sitting. Pain, injury follows. This is a developmental progressive course over time.    You will be educated, how to move/activate, without getting injured. Sometimes its not strength that matters, until the muscles can actually be turned on in order to strengthen them.

8 Week Course – South Riding Proprietary, Club House – 42420 Unicorn Drive, South Riding, VA. (Down stairs to the right)

Meets once per week, Monday’s 615-740 pm – You can start the course mid-way through. Contact amber@amberbskylar.com 

See Calendar to RSVP and for event information.

Class size is limited.

1. Upper body – neck, chest, back, shoulders
2. Core – abs, back, lats (side body)
3. Hips – openers(internal and external hip rotators, hip extenders)
4. Legs, knees, feet – strengthen, stretch

Muscles get weak for many reasons.  

Move more. No excuses for not taking care of your body.  Get proper education on how  to strengthen and NOT injure yourself.

Your muscle patterns cause wear and tear on connective tissue (ligaments, tendons, fascia, vascular system) and other supportive muscles are under utilized. As they weaken they pull on the neuromuscular fabric of your body. Using muscles in a different way helps dramatically to decrease the strain on overutilized muscles and connective tissue fatigue. 

This an educational class, clinic style.  Excellent for neck and shoulder tension, sciatic pain, back pain.  

If you are recovering from an injury, please get medical approval for the class and let instructor know what your limitations are, and/or exercises that you are supposed to be doing.



Strength (Mon) Drop In $25 - One Time Class Pass No Refunds
2 out of 10 available Strength(Mon)8Wk,Mar 20-May 8 $145 - 8 Week Class Pass No Refunds
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